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Kraus, Harrison

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

What is the RISE area of interest during your first year and why?: 

This semester I will be completing the Instruction aspect of the RISE program by working as a TF in Dr. Klauda’s CHBE301 class. I chose this area of interest for my first year because I have always enjoyed teaching others and have always been told that I am good at communicating complex topics in an understandable way.

What is the RISE area of interest during your second year and why?: 

Next year I think I will get involved with on campus research. This is something I have been looking into for a short period now, but after my research experience this past summer I would definitely like to continue with research. 

What are your involvements and or extracurricular activities?: 

I am a member of Team MELTS in the Gemstone Honors College, a college that focuses on undergraduate inspired/led research. My team is trying to find ways of mitigating the effect of road salt runoff. I am also a member of Phi Sigma Kappa and I strive to be a leader within that organization as philanthropy chair. 

What is your cool engineering experience?: 

Through my education and my work this past summer I have had a few cool engineering experiences. Last semester, I worked with a team of other chemical engineers to design a model that would optimize the separation of octanol from water. Over the summer, I worked with lubricated micro-structured surfaces that were designed to have hydrophobic qualities, which I tested and redesigned to improve the hydrophobicity.