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Krejcik, Kaitlin

Mechanical Engineering

What is the RISE area of interest during your first year and why?: 

I will do service during my first year because I believe that it will help me learn what is needed in our community. I can learn the technical aspect of bein gan engineer in class and internships, but being an active member of the community is also important to me. My mentor this summer taught me the importance of being there for the people who come after you, and I want to do that in my way I can.

What is the RISE area of interest during your second year and why?: 

In my second year, I plan to do entrepreneurship. My parents are entrepreneurs and I have always studied and admired what they do, but I haven't really experienced what it is like to be an entrepreneur as an engineer. I also think that entrepreneurship is a valuable skill to have even if I don't end up starting my own business in the future.

What are your involvements and or extracurricular activities?: 

I love playing intramural sports, especially soccer. I am involved with UMD Navigators, ASME, and I am on Gemstone Team ARM IT. I also participate in the HighRises program, hosting prospective Terps at several points throughout the semester.

What is your cool engineering experience?: 

The past two summers, I have interned for GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH and Sterling, VA. I have been on the top shop floor and seen both jet engine builds and propeller repair. I also visited Praxair in Indianapolis and toured the surface coating facility. While there, I also attended a meeting where we discussed the limitations of coating a part that GE engineers designed, and how we could change the part or the coating process to get a better result.