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Isser, Ariel


What is the RISE area of interest during your first year and why?: 

Research. I spent my summer working in a polymer laboratory synthesizing and characterizing polymer thin films, as well as studying polymer physics and statistical thermodynamics. I would love to join a lab this year with similar research interests to the one I was in this summer so that I can hit the ground running. Also, I’ve been involved in research almost continuously since my junior year of high school and have no interest in stopping. 

What is the RISE area of interest during your second year and why?: 

I want to do Instruction during my second year. I enjoy teaching and explaining concepts to others. In both high school and college I’ve helped many peers with coursework in an unofficial capacity. Just this summer I spent a week teaching a friend all the material for the ACS exam. I’m thinking about being involved in education one day, and I would like to see if I am cut out for it. 

What are your involvements and or extracurricular activities?: 

I have been involved in research in the Control of Miniaturized Systems Laboratory at UMD for three summers and two years of college. I’ve also started and run two Judaic Studies initiatives at the Maryland Hillel, in addition to sitting on the Orthodox community’s education committee. 

What is your cool engineering experience?: 

My second semester, I got to read my Bioethics essay at the Institute of Biological Engineering’s annual conference. While I couldn’t attend the conference to deliver the essay in person, I got to chat and discuss several aspects of the paper with some very knowledgeable bioethics scholars over Skype. I would love to attend the conference in person one day, perhaps even this year, to present some of my scientific research as well.