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Craynon, Robert

Robert Craynon
Computer Engineering

What is the RISE area of interest during your first year and why?: 

I have chosen Instruction for my first year area of interest because I have a passion for helping others learn about the STEM fields. I have spent many hours helping out fellow students over the years, and this rewarding experience is something that has sparked a desire to teach. I believe the Instruction area of STEM will help me determine whether I want to pursue teaching in the long term.

What is the RISE area of interest during your second year and why?: 

During my second year of RISE, I hope to do Research.  I am interested in many things including, among other things: quantum computing, artificial intelligence, hardware design, and cryptography.  I would like to be on the cutting edge of the Computer Engineering field , learning new things and implementing technologies in ways that  make people’s lives better.

What are your involvements and or extracurricular activities?: 

As a commuter student, I have been able to remain active in my local church.  I am the audio visual lead, running the sound board, mixing audio, etc.  In addition I am active in a local airsoft group and enjoy cycling. 

What is your cool engineering experience?: 

As an intern, I had the responsibility of designing an optical trigger for a system which monitors deposition of thin-film layers on a silicon substrate.  My mission: design a high speed photodetector which would tell the monitoring system when it would be appropriate to take a spectra.  It was an end-to-end project; I designed, implemented and debugged the trigger, while integrating it into the existing software.  I was excited that my contributions were mentioned in a DOE grant status update.