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Schlotfeldt, Brent

Brent Schlofeldt
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

What is the RISE area of interest during your first year and why?: 

For my first year in RISE, I will focus on research. I will be working in the Computational Sensorimotor Systems Laboratory (CSSL) with Dr. Jonathon Simon. The project I will be working on involves studying auditory signal processing in the brain for people with schizophrenia, and trying to find patterns to help diagnose the disease. I chose research because it gives me a diverse experience and will help prepare me for graduate school should I choose to go.

What is the RISE area of interest during your second year and why?: 

For my second year of RISE, I am still undecided as to which area I will choose. I am currently a UTF for ENEE205 (Electric Circuits), and have been a UTF in the past, so instruction is appealing. However, since RISE will allow me to gain exposure to other areas of engineering leadership that I have not yet experienced, I may choose to involve myself with service or possibly entrepreneurship.

What are your involvements and or extracurricular activities?: 

Brother of Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity; Induction Chair of IEEE – Eta Kappa Nu (ECE Honors Society); Undergraduate Research – HCIL with Marshini Chetty; Undergraduate Teaching Fellow – ENEE205 Electric Circuits

What is your cool engineering experience?: 

My cool experience is the sum of many different experiences that I have had so far in college. Beginning immediately with the hovercraft project, and continuing with summer internships in software development, taking exciting laboratory classes, being a UTF for ENEE140 and ENEE205, travelling to South Africa to work on my HCI research, and now continuing with new research in neural signal processing and schizophrenia, engineering has led me to have a diverse, and exciting time and I hope to experience even more in the future.