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The RISE Leadership Academy: RISE (Research, Instruction, Service, and Entrepreneurship) will brand the leadership ability of select students within the engineering college.  Only students with exceptional leadership potential will be invited to join the academy.  Selection will occur in the sophomore year based upon academic performance (GPA) and leadership qualities demonstrated during the first three semesters of academic study.  
Students who join will select two of four “areas” (Research, Instruction, Service, and Entrepreneurship) in which to demonstrate their leadership abilities.  In their junior year they will concentrate on one area (Research, for example) and in their senior year they will concentrate on another (Instruction, for example).  The choice of concentration areas is entirely up to the student, and RISE program faculty will help to pair students with appropriate faculty mentors. Students are encouraged to interact with their department's RISE representative to identify their activities and to be matched with possible R, I, S, or E activities.  Students may be able to earn independent study credits, but will not routinely be paid a stipend for their RISE activities.  Those students who focus on Instruction can apply either through the Keystone Program or through their own Department to become UGTFs, in which case they can receive a stipend. RISE students who select Instruction as one of their ‘leadership areas can be involved in running a tutoring center to assist students in their 3rd and 4th years in much the same way as the Keystone TA’s and UGTF’s run the Keystone center for the 1st and 2nd years at present. Students doing Research are encouraged to ask if their selected research mentors can pay them for their research participation, for example from REU grants, or grant them independent study research credit. Students who opt to receive independent study credit for their Research activities cannot also receive a stipend during a semester in which they earn academic credit. Students wanting to do Entrepreneurship are encouraged to ask if the entity that they want to work with can pay them a stipend. Service, such as serving as an Ambassador, advisor, or mentor should be purely volunteer in nature and normally there will be no stipend for it.
RISE students are required to take a 1-credit leadership seminar in each of their two years in the RISE Program. These seminars are ENES 304 (first year) and ENES 305 (second year). RISE students with unavoidable scheduling conflicts, or who are studying abroad, take an online version of these classes. Upon graduation RISE students will receive a medallion to wear across the stage at Commencement with their name and their year of graduation on the back and RISE Leadership Academy on the front.